Natur Pur (Pure nature)

Scent, color, and essences are "Celestial Food for the Soul"

WHITE CLOUD is a 100% natural product. Its composition is complex with information from all around the planet, from all kingdoms of nature (gems, metals, plants, ocean, water from sacred springs, flower waters). A blend of 21 pure natural essential oils adds to it its gentle yet complex scent. (Further fragrances are in preparation - the original one is overall harmonizing.) The combination of the ingredients also respects the law of natural numerical proportions i.e., the combination of ingredients resonates with the natural cosmic and therefore our own biological numeric pattern.

The color quality of WHITE CLOUD is white - not clear, but white. A subtle yet powerful difference. White is the color of peace, white is the undivided light which has not yet entered duality. Within white all colors - meaning all cosmic forces - are united in relatively equal proportion. The same goes for the various kingdoms on our planet: plants, animals and the mineral kingdoms all live peacefully and joyfully with and from each other. (This is the lesson that humans right now have to integrate.)

WHITE CLOUD carries the signatures of these natural kingdoms and thus has also an interdimensional effect: the mineral kingdom expresses the second dimension, the water carries our third-dimensional life, the flowers live in the dream state of the fourth dimension and some intelligent beings of the ocean embody the consciousness of the fifth and sixth dimensions. The human race is at the beginning of a quantum leap from a third dimensional to a fifth dimensional existence with a relatively short passage through the fourth... WHITE CLOUD with its complex structure can help us to integrate all these dimensions via our consciousness right into the cellular information level and thus to conclude the sometimes demanding process of change in a productive and peaceful way.