Examples of application

In times of stress, unrest, during change within the environment or life circumstances WHITE CLOUD allows for calmness, a healthy inner distance and positive confidence. Scattered energies will be re-gathered and brought to the point of attention - very helpful in situations where calm, relaxed concentration is wanted: e.g. at school, job, when driving (!), but also when taking a walk in nature...


WHITE CLOUD can help to reach a state of meditation more easily and to deepen the experience. It promotes concentration and eases the process of letting go of disturbing thoughts.

WHITE CLOUD complements the effects of all kinds of energy work (bodywork of all kinds, color therapy, aroma therapy, reiki etc.) by helping the client to peacefully integrate the stirred up topics and processes. It makes acceptance easy and helps with the re-structuring of the energy field.

WHITE CLOUD helps, in times of change and transition, to understand experiences which were formerly viewed as negative to be part of the own learning process and to accept them as a valid life experience.