Harmonizing and balancing

WHITE CLOUD harmonizes the energy field and takes the sensation of stress out of it. Stress is only unpleasant as long as one's consciousness allows it to be. WHITE CLOUD enables us to take on another, broader perspective and to become less "uptight". The energies at work in it center us and bring us back into our hub of experience where we can find inner peace.


Effect through Frequency

Important: WHITE CLOUD is not a drug or remedy by definition of the law. It works on the subtle levels through the contained energies intensifying vibrations where one is under-energized and taking away where there might be too much. Its effect is relaxing but not tiring, as it addresses the energy field solely. The essence doesn't work the way we might know from e.g. painkillers. The most appropriate way to describe it might be that it's a "food supplement for the soul".