Two Forms of Application

1. Energy Concentrate

Can be mixed into creams or body lotions to energize them, but can as well be used pure in the quantity of just a drop or two. (External use only!) Serves as the active ingredient for creating your own Aura Spray. (Recommended mixture ratio: 1:10 i.e. 1 part of concentrate plus 9 parts of carrier substance, preferrably distilled water.) Instructions on how to create and best apply the lotion or spray are delivered with it.

Standard size

10 ml*

US-$ 16.00

*10 ml = 0.35 fl.oz. - Bigger sizes for therapists available


2. Aura Spray

Ready to use Spray with rose water. To be sprayed into the Aura from about 15 inches above the head. Easy to use everytime and everywhere. Just refill into a purse-spray bottle or replace top of bottle by spray unit.

Pocket size

30 ml*

US-$ 8.00

Stock size

100 ml*

US-$ 20.00

* 30 ml = 1.05 fl.oz, 100 ml = 3.5 fl.oz

* 100 ml = 3.5 fl.oz; 50 ml = 1,75 fl.oz.

All prices are net prices. Additional p+p (largely depending on weight) will be charged.

Prices for therapists / dealers: upon request



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