St. Germain's Comment on White Cloud



A few weeks after I had finished the production of White Cloud I took the opportunity to ask about it in a channeling session. For an answer, St. Germain came through, Ascended Master of the Violet Ray. Here is what he said:



I guided your hands when you ventured diligently and guilelessly to create a tool of peace for yourself. I think, together we did quite a good job. When we (in the Higher Realms) started to create this tool our intent for you was to uplift you from one level to another as fast as possible because where you were, you could no longer stay. We needed a way to show you what you could do alone meaning, alone within your world, not: without our help, but without the help of another person. We gave the impulses and you understood them very well, you translated them into wonderful action. And we saw where this whole thing led you. You were able to re-balance yourself within such a short period of time and that now you keep your inner peace in nearly all situations. It has manifested within you. And so we could say that the essence which we brought on Earth through you, is something which helps to embed the state of inner peace into people like a seed which then can begin to grow - and which will keep on growing even when the user has forgotten about it. We are curious ourselves which kinds of people will feel attracted to such a thing and just like you we didn't have any plans beforehand what should happen to this essence once it would be manifested as a three-dimensional energy form. You see, also for us, this was an experiment. The experiment to let you do something which you had never done during this lifetime and to have you succeed nonetheless. And you see and have realized during these last weeks how many new impulses came out of it for yourself. We give you the choice to follow these impulses and to bring more things to Earth like this one. It is your free decision. You shouldn't care if anybody would buy these things or not. What's IMPORTANT is, that they are brought into existence, because their mere presence as a three dimensional energy form will contribute to the raising of the vibration. It is not always necessary that something spreads in order to do its work. You have created a living complex and by its mere existence in the three dimensional form, some ground is being gained.

Your energy complex is a collector of Light. And when somebody applies this Light-collector to their body or energy field according to their own demands and needs, the energy of this Light-collector will travel wherever it's needed within the system. As you know very well, our intent was to manifest the color White into an existing form. And as things stand with the attributes of this color, it combines harmonically with all other colors. This is the reason why many people who will work on themselves with this tool will tell you a lot of different things about its effects. It is NOT laid down how this essence will play out its effects within the individuals. But WHAT we have laid down and what you brought into existence by the composition of the ingredients -- you understand? You have materialized an intent which WE had, you have received with your inner being Our wish to create something, and you have cultivated the vision internally and then by your free choice, out of millions of existing possibilities to manifest our wish, you have chosen those ingredients which seemed appropriate for this purpose. And you did quite well, you succeeded in bringing together a bouquet - like a bouquet of flowers - you brought together a bouquet of energies which were never brought together before in such a way. And within this there is the way to open the consciousness of the user, to open their consciousness for peace, to open it for the understanding that tolerance it nothing else but a broader perspective, a broader vision which offers enough space for points of view which would normally exclude each other. And which, at the same time, is not fixed to a certain chakra, but moreover, by the properties of the color White, it has the freedom to travel into all the chakras, exactly according to how it fits the user.

But howsoever the user's system might decide, the ISSUE will be carried. The topic remains the same. The means or, experiences or, feelings which will be at the user's disposal may be completely different. And THIS is what we wanted to achieve. We wanted for you to create something which complies harmonically with all KINDS of consciousness, with all LEVELS of consciousness, with all STATES of consciousness and with all INTENTIONS of consciousness - and which nonetheless brings the ONE message into all these various facets: the message of the peaceful coexistence of ALL-THAT-IS.

Yet the people haven't realized which potential your inconspicuous little bottle holds for them. But give them time and don't concern yourself with it any more. We will very well see to it that everything happens according to the Divine Plan of the people who are being led there and according to your own Divine Plan.